The Convention specifies the conditions applicable between the Bai Yun Residence, hereinafter referred to as “Residence” and each invited artist, hereinafter referred to as “Artist”.

The purpose of the Convention is how:
– to host artists to promote multicultural exchanges
– to demonstrate how the Alpine landscapes are perceived by artists from different cultures and,
– to organize multi-cultural exchanges between artists and with lovers of art.


Artists Selection

The regulation of the Residence specifies the modalities of the selection procedure.

The Artist must send the official application form to the Residence after having completely filled it. The artist must indicate the name of the person who recommends it (Associations of Artists, Academies of Fine Arts, Recognized Cultural Institutions, galleries, renowned artists, etc.).


Contractual Conditions

For the Residence
a) The Residence provides the Artist an apartment in Zermatt.
b) The Residence pays the Artist a lump sum indemnity to contribute to his travel expenses. The amount of this allowance takes into consideration the artist’s notoriety and the length of his stay.
c) The Residence takes care that the Artist’s stay is conducted in the best conditions.

For the Artist
a) The Artist shall devote himself fully to his work. Its activities will aim to raise awareness of the public versus his culture, in particular with interviews, exhibitions and exchanges.
b)The Artist will bring at the Residence, some works representative of his work in order to facilitate its contacts and exchanges during his stay.
c) The invited artist will cover his/her travel expenses not provided in the program.
d) The Artist will offer to the Residence two paintings representative of its work. The first will represent his/her work in his country of origin and the second will be choose among the works inspired by his stay in the Alps.


Individual agreement

The Convention and the regulations are signed with each Artist.


Collection of the Residence

The Collection consists of works of the Artists invited at the Residence. She includes in particular paintings, calligraphies, engravings, sculptures and watercolors.
The Residence is authorized to exhibit the works realized by the Artists before or in connection with their stay in the Alps. The aim is to stimulate exchanges ansd promote the culture of his country.
If a works are sale, the amount will be given to the Artist who will offer a similar work to the Collection.



The Residential Board, composed of at least three members, is the decision-making body of the Residence.